dear ry, nice work,your code is very six. old iron , double click six six six . thanks this old iron's plane.
在 src/platform/linux/linux.display.c 代码 LCUI_DestroyLinuxDisplayDriver 函数中 关于LCUI_DestroyLinuxFBDisplayDriver调用前的宏定义是否应该 LCUI_VIDEO_DRIVER_FRAMEBUFFER 而不是 LCUI_VIDEO_DRIVER_X11 ? 即: ifdef LCUI_VIDEO_DRIVER_X11 case X11:...
你好, 编译出来的的测试可执行文件有办法生成二进制的吗,现在是sh文件,没法debug到对应的源码文件 Reproduction Steps: cd test make ./test_string_render LCUI version: master OS and version: Ubuntu 18.04 Build tools: gcc
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